TailGamer  LLC's local service area is a 20 mile radius from the Long Pond PA(Zip Code 18334)

At TailGamer we service any location up to 120 miles from our office zip code. If we travel outside the Local Service area a fuel surcharge will assessed by distance.

Travel Surcharge (based on distance from Zip Code 18334):

0 – 20 Miles: No Surcharge Assessed
21-30 Miles: $30 Fuel Surcharge
31-50 Miles: $40 Fuel  Surcharge
51-60 Miles: $55 Fuel  Surcharge
61-70 Miles: $6 5Fuel  Surcharge

71-100Miles: $75 Fuel Surcharge

NYC Flat Rate  $300

Plus Tolls 

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Local Service Area

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